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Have you ever been in a situation where your car has broken down in the middle of the road? Or probably a car has been in an accident and needed to be towed? If yes, then you probably know what it costs. However, the cost of a tow truck can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the distance, type, and time of the day or week. Where your car stops working in the middle and you couldn’t get an idea how to get your car to a repair shop so there tow trucks come in. We will explore more in this blog about the tow trucks, its costs, and what affects its cost.


Various factors can affect the price of tow trucks however the average cost can range from $75 to $125 for local tow. On the other hand, from $125 to $200 for long-distance tow. These are just estimates and actual cost can vary depending on the factors that we have mentioned above. 

If you need tow trucks, consider to shop around for a good idea and get quotes from multiple companies for the best price. Also you can check your insurance company to see if you have coverage for towing service. As many insurance companies include it. Unfortunately, if your car is completely damaged or junk you can sell it for cash instantly companies like Cash For Van Sydney buys such cars for cash also they tow away your vehicle from anywhere in Sydney and pay you cash on the spot up to $10,000 along with complete papers. So when you find yourself stuck with a non-running or accidental car in the middle of the road, keep considering these things. Always be prepared! 


In NSW (New South Wales), Australia legal towing refers to the process of having a vehicle towed in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations. This includes choosing a licensed towing company and paying a fair price for towing services. Make sure the company you’re choosing when getting towing services should be licensed. Maximum charges of towing accident vehicles will be $246 anywhere in NSW. You can know more in-depth by visiting official sites of NSW Govt. 

However, In NSW the towing charges can vary depending on the circumstances of the tow and the location of the tow facility. There are other certain regulations and procedures when the towing company tow a vehicle without request(Quote)  of vehicle owners. 

Additionally, towing companies must provide vehicle owners or drivers with the written invoice for tow. Also, being a vehicle owner you have rights to request a copy of the invoice anytime. Therefore, if you have any questions or confusion about towing then it would be helpful to visit NSW Government or legal professionals. 


Tow truck service providers consider a number of factors while determining the value of towing service. Here these are factors that affect the prices of tow trucks which should be familiar to you as well.-

  • DISTANCE – One of the biggest factors that can affect the cost of a tow truck is the distance of the tow truck. The further tow truck needs to travel the more it will cost. The closer it will be, the lower it will be. 
  • TYPES OF VEHICLE – The type of vehicle is another factor that affects tow truck cost. For example, a bus is a larger vehicle which probably costs more to be towed. On the other hand, if it’s a car then it might cost less.
  • TIME – The time of day or day of week can also affect the tow truck cost. Tow truck service providers may charge higher during weekends and after hours. 
  • SERVICE – Some tow truck companies offer additional services, such as roadside assistance and tire changes, which can increase the overall vehicle cost. So the service you choose is the cost you need to pay.
  • TYPES OF TOW TRUCK – The type of tow truck can affect the value. As there are a variety of trucks are designed to handle several kinds of vehicle for different situations. Truck like: flatbed tow trucks are more expensive than wheel lift to trucks etc. 
  • LOCATION – The cost of tow trucks can be vary based on the locations also. As popular cities are more expensive than rural areas due to increased demand the costs can be affected. 


When the cost of a tow truck can vary, local tow is generally between $75 to $125 (Approx). Hence, the long-distance tow truck costs around $125 to $200 (Approx).  However, the costs are completely based on the various factors like distance, type of service, time, location etc. So that’s all about the average cost of a tow truck. We will bring up another interesting blog in future, till then stay connected with us.

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